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Welcome to Velherak

When the autumn arrives i will start to release Features every two months, the Feature will be an in depth article that focuses on one specific theme and will give me a good chance to release a big variety of information on many people, places, myths and so on over a long period of time, slowly painting the picture that is Velherak.


I fixed the last error on the site, and added the brand new forum, it is only temporary until we can find an integrated solution, so ask ahed, i will reply to any and all topics & messages.


There has now been over seven years since i started working on Velherak, and finally i have managed to properly update the page. Four races are now featured and each race comes with a story that you may find on the Legends page. Later next month i will dedicate a whole week to gathering up all my notes on Velherak ( believe me, there is a lot) and write them all into my Velherak Omnibus. After a second Velherak week this autumn i will try to start feature more stories, or perhaps even try to publish the Omnibus. We will just have to wait and see what the future brings.

- Markus