I am Duskheart, Weaver of Fates, Dreaming Oracle of my people, and I seek to save them from a terrible future I’ve seen.

My fellow wardens call me Dusk, and even though I am the youngest, they respect me and my skill.


Names: Dusk (Duskheart) – Weaver of the Fates

Age: Adult

Warden: Dreaming Oracle

Burden: Ambition: I seek to save my people from a terrible future.


When twilight passes and dusk falls, it is my time. The beating heart grows stronger, and unrest fills my legs. I wander waking through the dusk and until dawn finds me calm and rested, and that is when I dream, and when I dream I see the awful things yet to come, but that surely will.

Dusk is my name, for it is in the time of dusk that I find my self, and my home. Ever since I was young, the dusk captured me like nothing else, the promise of quiet dreams always stirred me greatly. I was not old when the Oracles came to me and showed me the way of dreams, to walk in night, to dream in day, to seek visions and keep the dreaming wilds peaceful and quiet, but in recent times, orange visions have showed themselves to me, of blight, blood and death, horrible things that I cannot change, yet I must!



  • Delicate yet Feisty
  • Careful
  • Calculating


  • Female
  • Fit but not super slim
    • Curved
  • Button nose
  • Curious but Intense Eyes
    • Deep Orange


  • Earthen Brown
  • Warm temperature hues.
  • Smooth skin


  • Long Wavy Orange hair, free flowing.
  • Not as thick as others, but still dense.

Gender Expression:

  • Feminine
    • not weak, Firm


Loose fitting cloth hanging over her body, light and revealing, to allow her body paint to shine through. A deep hood attached to her loose fitting clothes.


Body Paint symbolising night, stars, dreams and their connections

Several armbands made of polished wood

Reference & Poses


Enraptured by smoke and visions

Alt. Pose

Spreading the smoke

Example Burdens

Day-mare: Nightmares manifest and speak to me when I’m Awake

  • I abandoned my pupil in the dreaming wild.
  • When I am dreaming, something else wakes up and roams.
  • Nightmares speak to me even when I’m awake.
  • I lost a dear friend in the Ancestral Dream, but still hope to find them.
  • My scion was consumed by a nightmare.
  • I once made a deal with a Dreaming Shadow to protect my people.
  • When I Dream, I see far off strange places
  • I abandoned my anchor in the dreaming wilds
  • I have seen a terrible future and I fear it is to come
  • I was not a part of the order of oracles and am self trained.
  • My Mentor, was an anchor and was lost, is seek to dismantle the order of oracles.

Name – Duskheart – a sense of the dreaming and their being in the waking wilds.

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