I am Embersong, Flame of the Nine Winds and Hearth Weaver of my people, but a debilitating sickness has taken hold over me

The other wardens know me as Ember, and everyone knows my tales by heart, for I am their Elder.


Names: Ember (Embersong) – Flame of the Nine Winds

Age: Elder

Warden: Hearth Weaver

Burden: Sickness – A debilitating illness has stuck with me for many years


Since I was a young one, I was enamoured by the flames and stories that cross through their light and were cast in shadow onto the walls and come alive. I made sure to remember all of them, yet the tellers always had new tales for me to hear. I was soon enlisted amongst the storytellers to keep and remember the tales of old, as we stoke the sacred flames for the coming ages, and upon my tongue the tales became song across the embers, earning me the name I now bear.

Years I have spent in the Pit of Tales, and many a time I have spread the sacred flames, yet in recent years my body fails me, an illness has taken hold, and coughs plague me, at times a dark oozing liquid emerges from past my lips.



  • Male
  • Tall
  • Pot bellied
  • Strong but does not look it.
  • Square face
  • Strong Jaw
  • Striking & Intense wide open eyes
    • yellow with orange around the iris
  • Hook Nose


  • Mud Brown
    • Cold Temperature
  • Dry & cracked skin


  • Orange & Wavy
  • Bound into many braids
  • A smallish beard around the jaw
    • Slightly burnt on one side

Gender Expression:

  • Non Binary Vessel of Fire & Lore


His head is shrouded in leather and his eyes covered by many beads, such that the light of the flames bother him not.

  • Billowing robes of cloth & leather, yet adorned with many beads and bones inscribed
    • All clothing has been treated to resist the touch of flame
    • He never wears any fur for this reason.

His arms are corded with beads as to make sound effects when moved in specific ways.


  • The Bones of my Ancestors, cured by flame, inscribed with symbols of their tales, hangs in an ornament from my neck, allowing me to bring their tales onwards, one day my bones will be added to this and the tales continued. The
  • Face is painted a light yellow and black in lines down the nose, beneath the eyes to form the impression of dancing lights and shadows: Illuminated from beneath.

Reference & Poses



  • Standing
  • Arms stretched out wide
    • As if telling a tale
    • Fingers claw-like towards the sky
  • Robes billowing
  • Legs apart (power stance)
  • The face looking upwards
  • Eyes looking forwards

Alt. Pose

  • Standing
  • Holding the Sacred Embers in a vessel
    • Small clay plate/lamp
  • Shoulders and neck going slightly inwards, creating a leaning impression
  • Intense eyes gazing forwards/downwards
  • Speaking mouth
    • as if telling an intense tale
    • or perform a ritual
  • Legs together in a walking motion

Example Burdens

  • I’ve become forgetful and many ancient tales now escape my grasp

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