I am Raven, Eye of the Shadow Moon, Wild Walker of my people, but the shadow of grief clouds my sight.

The other wardens know me as the Ravenskull, and they fear what I can do.


Names: Raven (Ravenskull) – Eye of the Shadow Moon

Age: Adult

Warden: Wild Walker

Burden: Grief: I lost my beloved in the wilds.


The wilds shift beneath our feet if we do not keep out wits about us. Paths well trod vanish behind us, and if we are not careful, we vanish as well. But not me! Ever unlucky I always found my way home. Even when the path I walked disappeared and I was lost, I found my way home. I saw between the stones, bushes and trees, and I found my paths.

Becoming Wild Walker was never something that was forced upon me, I think it was born to be one and with the knowledge of my elders instilled in me, I keep the paths of my people present and safe, and should they vanish, I always find them again.

I lost my beloved to the wilds. All we ever found were her clothes and the skull of a great raven, thus in her honour, i

I shed my names and took upon the mantle of Raven, hoping to find passage through the wilds with this new skull-mask, to find the path she walks, to find her in the dark once more.



  • Female
  • Slender
  • Broad Shoulders
  • Fit
  • Sharp Eyes
    • Deep Yellow
  • Hook Nose


  • Earth Brown
  • Medium temperature hues, leaning slightly to the cold side.
  • Slightly rough skin


Wild and wavy with a faded fire-orange hue, almost a greyish tone Brough on by her heartache.

Gender Expression:

  • Female
    • Canonically her Beloved was a woman.


Raven is typically dressed for the weather/season, and in many lighter layers of cloth, leather, hide and fur.

  • The outermost layer is usually reef, reeds and straw to protect from nature.

The layers are somewhat tattered and frayed at the edges, showing heavy wear and little maintenance.

Her clothing is adorned with black feathers, shed by the many ravens and crows of the valley.


  • The Great Raven Skull Mask is worn usually upon the left shoulder, but if needed can also be worn as a mask when traversing the wilds or otherwise during rituals. It is large enough for a human head to fit within and peer out the eye sockets.

    Uses specials straps to keep it in place on head or shoulder.

    Is adorned with black and red feathers, as well as tar coated straw / Black tar paint

  • She carries several other raven skulls of varying size, sown into her ritual clothing and as trinkets.
  • Her arms are encapsulated by bones, usually ribs, as a ritual protection, or physical if needed.
  • Raven bones and feathers are also used in her hair to prop it up and keep it out of her face.
  • Mask of the Wilds is Raven’s old mask and is worn on her hip as a promise to return to better times once her beloved is found. It is a more traditional mask that emulates the wierd gods and spirits of the wilds

Reference & Poses




  • Standing
  • Upper body slightly bent over
  • Great Raven skull on her shoulder
  • Dagger in one hand (
  • Dead Raven in the other
  • As if ready to perform a ritual
  • Longing in her eyes

Alt. Pose

  • Squatting
  • Scouting (as if looking at the distance)
  • Spear in hand

Alt. Pose

  • Squatting
  • Clutching the Raven Skull Mask
    • As if listening to it’s whispers

Alt. Pose

  • Standing
  • Upper Body slightly bent over
  • Just took off the Great Raven Skull Mask / About to put it on
  • Looking upwards
  • Serious face

Example Burdens

  • I no longer dare to visit one of my Havens
  • I was cast out by my people for an unforgivable crime
  • I struggle with social connections
  • I have a wounded shoulder
  • I speak with a strange shadow from the Wilds

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