A sickness of teeth is spreading – driving the afflicted mad with suffering and pain. A manifestation of hurt or malevolence.

The teeth grow painfully out of skin, through eyes, tongue and throat.


The teeth are all the same, a sharp wolf/shark like triangular shape. Pure white, perfectly shaped, no damages when they erupt.

Teeth can erupt slowly over days and weeks, or rapidly over hours, even minutes.


No visual reference because its f#ing disgusting.

Real world

Brain: Yes, that’s correct…the BRAIN! Fully developed teeth were found in the brain tumor of a 4 month old baby in Maryland, USA. The brain tumor was removed and fully developed teeth were found in the tissue of the tumor.

Lungs: An 18 year old boy named Miguel Balcon had a cyst removed from his lungs at the age of 18-years- old. Once doctors removed the cyst and inspected it they found not only teeth, but hair and eyes in the basketball size growth.

Eyes: A 23-year-old female in India had a tumor removed from her left eye – it had been a birth abnormality that continued to worsen with age. After the swelling got so severe her vision was declining and the tumor was removed. What did they find in it? Not one, but two fully grown teeth. Amazingly disgusting. That wasn’t the first time teeth had been found growing out of an eye…there are over 70 documented cases from around the world!

Poses & Descriptions

Human face is same style as all USON characters, earth brown skin, big wavy orange hair, intense yellow eyes.


A face riddled with sharp teeth, eye, tongue.

  • Open mouth
  • Screaming in pain
  • Teeth in Tongue
  • Jaw forced open further than nature allows by amount of teeth

Pose Alt.

A face struck by pain and fear.

  • Teeth suddenly coming out of the cheeks and head
  • Skin erupting to make space
  • blood trickling down the face
  • Hands touching the teeth
  • Intense eyes of disbelief and fear
  • Mouth O shaped, fear and pain.

Pose Alt.

An elderly wolf with teeth of varying sizes growing out of his body.

  • Standing on all fours
  • In a scared / fighting stance
  • Matted grey fur
  • Patches/streaks of black in the hair

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