The Fleshwalker


Accursed creature that assault the lonely, cut their front open, while they still live, and force their way inside, closing the flesh behind them like a door, only a tiny seam visible upon close inspection. They now puppet the living flesh of their victim, for safety, for food, for otherworldly purposes.


If occupied, one of the few clues are that of the oracles; when dream sharing, can find the victims in a single dream, screaming and wailing, only screaming and wailing. such is the pain of the occupied.

A kiss is how she births her children. In the flesh of others they grow, unnoticed, until the vessel perishes. Afterwards the children will crawl out of their flesh and seek their mother.

Currently the Fleshwalker has been hidden within an elder of the community for ages, and has as such gone into forgetfulness, and it is when the elder passes from old age, that it emerges yet again, and quickly finds refuge in one of the priestesses, only thing is, a child was witness, unbeknownst to the Fleshwalker.

  • Hides and sleeps within the bodies of others
    • At the end of the sleep, they often consume their vessel from within.
  • Is seldom stirred, when awake they assume control
    • If their host is injured, they can consume those injuries to keep the veil
    • A woman falls of a cliff, strangely survives the fall, but changes her attitude afterwards


  • Tall, clawed and accursed
  • Looks like a nervous system & muscles without bones – Very tall, bent, fraying, inhuman.
  • No recognisable organ
  • Has a physical form made of… something, probably flesh.
  • Many “arms” and “hands”




Standing tall over a human with «Hands» covering the face of the human and the other «hands» reaching into their flesh

Pose alt

  • A human bent backwards
    • feet still planted on ground
    • spine almost forming a C
      • The human is heavily bent backwards
      • Is not falling down
  • The Fleshwalker crawling out of their flesh
    • Standing tall out of the person
    • “Hands” reaching into the sky
    • “Hands” holding the open wounds and lifting the rest of the creature out


Trick the fleshwalker to inhabit a dead body

trap her in a dream

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