The Velherak & The Accursed


Elder – Elder wills and things

Glory – The Hollow Circle behind their head (bends reality along its rim)

Strange – Defies expectations, understanding and common sense.

Can be visualised as an ordinary creature, hiding an otherworldly nature like multitudes of eyes, ethereal aspects, fractals and non euclidian bodies.


Once Natural – Was a creature or man before

Unyielding – Singular Thought (gradual descent)

Rot – Manifestation of their affliction (physical)

The Rot can simply be a change in size and shape from what it would naturally be, like an eel could become the Blood serpent of the shimmering isles, for such a beast is not natural.

Some Accursed enter a state of equilibrium and almost become an entirely new creature in and of itself, loosing its grip on singular thought, but forever marked by hunger.

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