Name: Thornwise – Thorn of the Elder Tree, Bane of Shadows, Mender of Rotting Wounds

Kins Name: Thorn

Dearest Name: t’Eyhu


Thorn of the Elder Tree

  • Advantage to any action using the tip of your spear.

Age: Mature

Warden: Spear Sage

Burden: Fear: The joy I get from carving flesh frightens me


I am Thornwise, Thorn of the Elder Tree, Spear Sage of my people. I was chosen when I was very young to bear the privilege of spear sage, and learned the dances from a young age. When it came time to take my place I made the quest to the Elder Tree, in its hidden groove at the end of the middle river, there I took from it the tip of my spear, slept under it and was gifted the wisdom and curative skill of the thorns. Through this wisdom I craft serums to mend the unmendable, and through my dances I keep at bay the shadows and cursed things that linger amongst us.



  • Muscular – Non Binary
    • Muscled & Toned
    • Not skinny, not broad -> Agile & Physical
  • Cunning, yet caring Eyes
    • Always looking to protect
    • Hint of blue/green in otherwise strong Yellow Eyes
      • Emerging from the edges of the eyes, with strong yellow around the iris.
  • Straight Nose


  • Earthen Clay (on the edge of brown turning red)
    • Very warm hues
  • Many scars on otherwise ordinary skin


Large, wavy, orange. Bound in one long large braid going down their back

Gender Expression:

  • Hint of Masculinity
    • Kind muscles


A lot of shown skin from within delicate robes/bound cloth made from a mix of mist silk and ocean silk, worn by their predecessors, a gift from the people of The Shimmering Isles, some wear and tear, but most are sown back, a few patches. (Ocean silk is superbly strong).

This robe/cloth is one large piece of cloth wrapped around the body in the manner most pleasing and practical.

It is wrapped in two layers, the innermost tight and protective, the second is more loose, flowing and distractive, and becomes part of the dance.

Carrying with them a net bag with tools, stomach bags1 and clay vessels in them, the clay vessels contain serums while the stomach bags contain ingredients.


  • The Guardian Spear, a piece of Elder Tree wood carved many ages ago, and inscribed by the symbols of many previous sages. It is tied with many multicoloured strips of cloth and dyed feathers and weeds, hanging off it creating a flowing motion when wielded.
    • Atop the spear stands the spear tip which is a thorn of the Elder Tree, part of a yearly ritual the Spear Sage must claim a new thorn for the new year.
  • Body paint, striking yellow and white, covering the whole body.
    • Intricate patterns
      • The shape of rivers, clouds, flows, dances.
    • Coalescing in a sun symbol on the stomach.
  • Wears bead armbands/ankle-bands/necklaces of varying sizes
    • Most are quite tight to not cause distractions during dancing, but some are more loose and are accounted for during dancing.

Reference & Poses


  • Standing
  • In Motion / Dancing
  • Sweeping the spear by the ground
  • Open arms
    • one holding the spear
    • other hand inviting an adversary in
  • Legs slightly bent to offer balance and power in the follow-up movement should an adversary take this opportunity.
  • Cunning smile
  • Hair in motion

Alt. Pose

  • Kneeling
  • Body supported by Spear in ground
  • pointing towards the ground Or Holding tattered clothing
    • examining it
  • Worried about the things ahead

Alt. Pose

  • Standing
  • Spear resting on chest
  • Holding one of the clay vessels
  • pouring a liquid on the other arm
    • other arm is injured
    • Not a normal wound
    • something oozing or glowing from it
    • It is cursed
  • clothes more tattered
  • Face in pain

Example Burdens

  • My stories frighten me and the wisdom they hold seems foreign and dangerous.
  • I value the life of others before mine
  • Without my spear i am nothing
  • The joy I get from using my spear frightens me
  1. Stomach bags are the stomachs or intestines of animals that have been cleaned, cured and sowed to act as a carrying vessel for many lighter items/ingredients

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